Common Injuries

At Brogdon Champion, LLC, our personal injury team know that every case is unique and deserves the utmost care. Below is a list of the most common types of personal injury cases we can assist our Atlanta, Georgia, clients with:

Back and Spine Injuries

Injuries to the back and/or spine can be very serious and—in many cases—can result in permanent damage. These types of injuries are often caused by car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, acts of violence, surgical mistakes, and injuries sustained during recreational sports. Personal injury lawsuits can be important for injured victims because these injuries can be very expensive to treat; financial compensation may help ease the burden.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic Brain Injuries, or TBIs, are similar to spinal injuries in that they can be very severe and can present long-lasting damage that may never heal. Financial compensation is typically sought for pain and suffering, time off of work, and medical treatments that can be very expensive.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRSD)

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRSD, is more commonly referred to as "chronic pain." Individuals with this condition experience a high level of nerve impulses being sent to a specific area of the body. Many medical experts believe that it's a malfunction of the central and/or peripheral nervous symptoms. CRSD can have many different causes, but it is something that accident victims can experience long after their most severe injuries have healed. Not only can CRSD restrict your ability to work and provide for yourself, it can also have a severe effect on your quality of life.

Wrongful Death

A loved one's death is never easy to deal with, but it can be even more frustrating and complicated when another person or entity was clearly negligent, leading to that fatality. Wrongful death claims can be filed by relatives of the deceased individual or by anyone who relied on the individual financially.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are notorious for being incredibly painful and for taking a long time to heal. In many cases, it is possible that the victim is left with scarring that cannot be fixed. A burn injury victim may need financial compensation to pay for medical treatment, lost wages, or pain and suffering.


Scarring is one factor that can affect your personal injury lawsuit quite a bit. It is often an important factor in burn injury cases. If you have significant scarring due to your injuries, you may be entitled to further financial compensation.

Injuries to the Teeth, Eyes, and Face

These injuries can be especially painful and complicated to treat; the mere loss of one sense can require that you change your entire way of life. Disfigurement of the face is something that can have drastic consequences as well, even if there is technically no loss of any bodily functions.

Arm Injuries, Leg/Knee Injuries, and Foot Injuries

Injuries affecting appendages such as the arm, leg, knee, or foot may range from very mild to very severe. Even a mild injury can justify a personal injury settlement, because it might affect your ability to work and live life normally. Injuries that cause permanent damage may even require disability payments.

If you've experienced any of the injuries listed above, contact our legal team at Brogdon Champion, LLC. Our experienced Atlanta, Georgia, personal injury team is dedicated to making sure that you get the compensation you deserve after being wrongfully injured.