Brogdon Champion, LLC Wins Major Victory in Golf Cart Accident Case

Brogdon Champion, LLC recently obtained a large settlement for a client who was seriously injured in a golf cart accident after the Georgia Court of Appeals held that the homeowners policy for the golf cart driver provided coverage for the accident. Our client sustained a severely broken leg in the accident and incurred over $75,000 in medical bills. Shortly after the accident, the insurance company for the golf cart driver called and stated that the driver’s homeowners policy did not provide coverage. As a result, the insurance company said it would only consider a nuisance value settlement of $5,000. Darl Champion refused to accept the insurance company’s position and fought back, obtaining an initial victory at the trial court, which ruled that the policy did cover the accident.  Even after our client won at the trial court, the insurance company still refused to settle for fair value and appealed the decision. The Georgia Court of Appeals, however, rejected the insurance company’s argument and ruled that the driver’s homeowners policy did provide coverage. After that ruling, the insurance company agreed to accept Brogdon Champion, LLC demand of $400,000 to settle the case. This was a major victory for our client who faced the prospect of recovering little or no money for her injuries if the insurance policy did not apply.